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(Please pardon the siteís appearance while we make false
promises about fixing it up sometime in the near future.)

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Underhouse Studios is a production company based in the Philadelphia area.  Our
specialty is undertaking absurdly ambitious projects that everyone thinks are impossible
to successfully execute, until we execute them successfully.  The previous sentence is
intentionally vague, so that you canít tell if we execute the projects or the people that
think the projects are impossible.

*               *               *
The crew here at Underhouse is currently waiting- patiently, we might add-
for our writers to finish up the screenplay for our next big project: 
A Night on the Virgin Bride
(view the teaser trailer)
A pirate-themed tale of madness and mutiny on the high seas. 
Itís a comedy.  Duh.  Filming should be underway by the end of the spring,
and the project should be wrapped up all pretty like just in time for Christmas of í06
(assuming we donít run out of money before then)

Stay tuned for updates on the production.

In the interim, we have a few smaller projects in the works, including a music video or two, and a couple of super-short shorts.  Weíre not telling you what any of these are yet, in case we get lazy and decide not to finish them.

Oh, and you missed the premiere of Zombie House Party Massacre!  Jerk. 
But you can still buy copies!  So hurry up and buy one!
Questions and Comments should be Directed To:
Steve @ Underhouse dot Com